Natural Resources

Companies using the natural resources from the planet face the continuous challenge of ensuring its sustainability due to the unpredictable demand, supply and prices of goods. Industries, such as mining, need business strategies in order to stay highly competitive. This includes reducing variability through optimized scheduling and operational control; delivering on the promise of big data to improve productivity, efficiency, and cost control across mining organizations and providing simulation and validation capabilities.


VIAS provides integrated, innovative, and cost-effective engineering and software solutions to simulate processes used in the Natural Resources Industry and explore innovative ideas before implementation. We offer full control over all aspects of your business for natural resource operations

  • Data-driven decision making.
  • The leading design, engineering, and modeling tools on a collaborative backbone.
  • Virtual simulation of any idea to identify its impact in the real world before making changes.
  • Immediate, global understanding of how well processes are functioning to quickly identify problems and introduce improvements.

Solutions and Applications

  • Lean Mine Construction
  • Mine and Plant
  • Geology and Geostatistical Analysis
  • Resource Modeling