Course Details

Title : Contact and Convergence with Abaqus

Course Objective: This 3-day course provides an in-depth discussion on solving non-linear problems in Abaqus/Standard with an emphasis on convergence-related issues for contact, complicated material models, and geometrically unstable behavior. Using both workshops and practical examples in the lectures, you will learn:

  • How nonlinear problems are solved in Abaqus
  • How to use general contact and contact pairs to model large sliding between deformable bodies
  • How to model frictional contact
  • How to avoid over-constraining the model
  • How to identify modeling errors that cause models to experience convergence difficulties
  • How to resolve over-closures in interference fit problems
This course is a combination of two existing 2-day courses offered by SIMULIA,
  1. Obtaining a Converged Solution with Abaqus, and
  2. Modeling Contact with Abaqus/Standard.
Target Audience: This course is recommended for engineers with experience using Abaqus/Standard.

Date : January 17–19, 2018

Time : 9 AM - 5 PM (CST)

Location : VIAS Houston Office

Brochure : Download