Who We Are

With an experienced team, our objective is to prevent repetitive design-related business interruption and provide cost effective, quick and safer designs. We can achieve our objective with proven software, data analytics, and virtual and 3D printing hardware technology, which can be implemented for each business requirement, with the help of an experienced engineering team.


We provide integrated and cost-effective engineering/software solutions
  • Technology

    Differentiated technology that sets a standard

    We will support our clients with differentiated technology in key design challenges. We will introduce software and tools to the industry that have a competitive advantage over competitors.

  • People

    Differentiating ourselves through the quality of our people

    Experienced people driven to succeed is our key differentiator in our company to leverage growth opportunities across service areas.

  • Efficiency

    Being efficient, effective, integrated and delivering quality that exceeds client expectations

    We will standardize and automate our engineering and software solution processes to improve the quality of our offering globally through developing a framework for ensuring best practices across the company.

Core Values

VIAS is based on the following core values, which are integral to its very existence.
  • Commitment to Every Client Success through Technical Excellence and Innovation
  • Innovation that Optimizes Solutions
  • Trust, Integrity, and Honesty in Everything We Do

Why Choose VIAS?


As a company, we provide complete integrated solutions using tools such as FEA and CFD, etc. to design your idea from concept development to printing your idea at your desk with help of our engineering advisors through consulting, training, and quality support.

Developing and experiencing products virtually saves significant time, money, and opportunity cost by reducing design time from months to weeks and helps to gain market leadership.

We will be the first company in the industry with an average of 10 years of experience per consultant to provide the integrated solutions to our future customers in a variety of Industries.

We are a one stop shop full service provider from engineering solution to software and training. Our value proposition to our clients are;
  • Always provide a team with experienced consultants
  • Provide integrated solutions with reduced interface problems
  • Provide flexible solutions and scalable experienced team
  • Provide cost effective integrated solutions by reducing overhead cost


Behind the strength and energy of VIAS stands a great team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in various Industries AND COMPETENCies COVERING MANY AREAS SUCH AS ENEGINEERING & SCIENCE, FINANCE, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, CONTRACT.